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At this page the site's updates can be found. Check regularly.


10/25/02: Added new TTT Eomer poster in Gallery
10.21/02: Added new link in Related Links
10/20/02: Added new chapter to Prince of the Mark: Prince of the Mark
10/17/02: New Eomer pics up at the Gallery
10/16/02: Eomer Decipher Card up on gallery page. Karl Urban in other roles up. Eomer Quotes page up.
10/15/02: Added new fanlistings and new pic.
10/10/02: Added new links and fanlisting.
10/09/02: Added story. Prince of the Mark. Edited several stories.
09/30/02: Pics from Theatrical Trailer up. Check out!!
09/29/30: New pic up!!
09/27/02: New pics up.
09/26/02: Added Red Day Risingstory to Fanfiction page.
09/25/02: Added affiliates on front page. Horsemaster is now affiliated with Third Marshall of the Mark, Lady of Rohan, Theoden, Prince of Ithilien and Meduseld: Eomer Eadig.
Added new chapter to Rohirrim Hope: Chapter 1in Fanfiction page.
09/24/02: Added new fanfic on fanfic page: Rohirrim Hope
Added Plaza Rider Heafocmund's view on Eomer.
09/22/02: Added Views on Eomer page, added Rohirrim poem on front page.
Added Karl Urban pics. *drool*
09/19/02: New frontpage pic up! Thanks V!
09/17/02: Joined Eomer webring and Rohirrim webring.
09/16/02: Signed up with Ultimate LOTR Directory.
Added my own banners, made by Elveanna from Paint the Sky with Stars. Thanks!
09/15/02: Added new fanlistings. Added new Karl Photos, Links and Fanlistings.
Added a new story: In the Dungeon
09/14/02: Updates page up. Added links, added fanlisting site. Changed a few things.
09/13/02: Site is up!!

More updates soon