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Karl Urban

The Man behind the Marshal


Date of birth/location: 7 June 1972/Wellington, New Zealand
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: hazel
Height: 6'-6'2"

     Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, Karl Urban now lives in Auckland. Born on June 7, 1972, he is the son of a leather goods manufacturer (who had hoped hoped that Karl would follow in his footsteps). His first acting role was when he was 8 -- he had a line on a television show. However, he did not act again until after high school. He was offered a role in the NZ drama "Shortland Street" (1992), as he was preparing to attend Victoria University. After appearing on the show for the 1993-1994 season he attended the university for one year, then left to pursue his acting career. Over the next few years, he landed several theater roles in the Wellington area. Eventually, he moved to Auckland where a number of guest roles in NZ television followed. One of his first roles was that of a heroin addict in the drama "Shark In the Park" (1989). He was in a movie as well, entitled Once in Chunuck Bay (AKA Chunuk Bair (1992)). Other television roles followed, including a guest starring role in the series "White Fang" (1993). Karl's biggest role yet is Eomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

- Karl is, and has almost always been, very active. He worked on his aunt and uncle's farm for many years doing odd jobs. He's a proficient horseback rider, which served him well when he filmed a show called Riding High, a children's show about horses. In addition, Karl also enjoys indoor rock climbing.
- Has a black lab terrior named Ire (pronounced eye-ree) after a Bob Marley song (from the album Uprising).
- Hobbies include fishing, surfing, golf, and gardening.
- Karl has a son, Hunter, who was born in November, 2000.
- Favorite film genre: Science Fiction (e.g., The Matrix and Star Wars).
- Some favorite music: Bob Marley, Miles Davis, the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album (Californication), Mike Cave, Pixies, Carole King, Lauryn Hill.

Film/TV Credits:
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
- Eomer, Third Marshal of the Mark
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)
- Eomer, Third Marshal of the Mark
Ghost Ship (2002)
- Munder
"Privateers, The" (2000) TV Series
- Captain Aran Dravyk
Price of Milk, The (2000)
- Rob
Irrefutable Truth About Demons, The (2000)
- Harry Ballard
Amazon High (1999)
- Kor
Via Satellite (1998)
- Paul - Chrissy's boyfriend
Heaven (1998)
- Sweeper
"Shortland Street" (1992) TV Series
- Paramedic Jamie Forrest (1993-1994)
"Homeward Bound" (1992) TV Series
- Tim Johnstone
Chunuk Bair (1992)
- Wellington soldier
"Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995)
- playing "Caesar" in episode: "When Fates Collide" (episode # 6.18) 5/7/2001
- playing "Julius Caesar" in episode: "Ides of March" (episode # 4.21) 5/10/1999
- playing "Julius Caesar" in episode: "Endgame" (episode # 4.20) 5/3/1999
- playing "Caesar" in episode: "Good Day, A" (episode # 4.5) 10/26/1998
- playing "Caesar" in episode: "When in Rome..." (episode # 3.16) 3/2/1998
- playing "Caesar" in episode: "Bitter Suite, The" (episode # 3.12) 2/2/1998
- playing "Caesar"(uncred, arch. footage) in episode: "Debt, The: Part 1" (episode # 3.6) 11/3/1997
- playing "Caesar" in episode: "Deliverer, The" (episode # 3.4) 10/20/1997
- playing "Julius Caesar" in episode: "Destiny" (episode # 2.12) 1/27/1997
"Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995)
- playing "Kor" in episode: "Lifeblood" (episode # 5.16) 3/18/2000
"Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995)
- playing "Cupid" in episode: "Comedy of Eros, A" (episode # 2.22) 5/12/1997
- playing "Cupid" in episode: "For Him the Bell Tolls" (episode # 2.16) 2/24/1997
"Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995)
- playing "Mael" in episode: "Altared States" (episode # 1.19) 4/2/1996
"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995)
- playing "Caius Julius Caesar" in episode: "Render Unto Caesar" (episode # 5.5) 10/26/1998
- playing "Cupid" in episode: "Green-Eyed Monster, The" (episode # 3.7) 11/11/1996

Other Works:
- August 1998, he played Mark Antony in Auckland Theatre Company's production of 'Shakespeare's Julius Caesar' in Auckland, New Zealand.
- In February/March 1998, he was in a play called 'The Herbal Bed' at the Maidment Theatre in Auckland New Zealand. (as the character Jett Lane)

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