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Right here the views of several people on Eomer (mostly the Rohirrim of the LOTR Fanatics Plaza) will be written down and showed to the rest of the world, so everyone will know why Eomer is such a great character!!


Elfwine's view on Eomer.

It all began when I first read about him in The Two Towers, when he meets up with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Immediately, when he dismounted his horse and pointed his sword at the Three Hunters, he made an everlasting impresson on me. He responded so self assuredly when stopping the intruders and questioning them. His entire appearance just appealed to me. Hes young and yet already a soldier of high rank in Rohan. I longed to find out more about him and eagerly read the next chapters.

Hes proud of his country and his people and he cares a lot about them too. Which reflects in his actions as a Marshal, when he speaks about taking all the people back behind the Entwash, save for some fast scouts.

He has a good sense of whats right and wrong and acts to those beliefs too. Even if it means disobeying the orders of his King and foster father. Hes a man who thinks for himself and doesnt need others to do that for him, though he will listen to council if he needs it. 

From the start it is also clear how much he loves Theoden like a father, which is something I really like and can relate to.

Also finding out that his parents had died at a young age intrigued me, but I couldnt believe until later in my life how much it would personal affect me and how important his character would become for me when I read the books again. This due to the passing of my father when I had just turned 18.

Eomer has grown up to be a stable man, and I think this is also because of the support and love he received from Theoden, his cousin Theodred and Eowyn ofcourse. He lived a hard life nevertheless when Grima came up and how he managed to get through it just amazed me. It must have been really hard for him to see what was happening to his home.

And yet he managed to become such a strong person, a leader to his people and the hope for his people when Theodred was slain. He became strong because he had to be strong and it was the only way to get through the hard times.

Eomer is also a great warrior and that aspect attracts a lot of people, including me. Even if he is a character sorely overlooked by many of the readers of LOTR. But those who do like his character and state him to be one of their faves make up for that.

There, I think thats it. Dont know what to add more and I hope this will give you an idea why I like Eomer so much.


Heafocmund's view:

WOW..... I didnt know others thought Eomer was the coolest too?... Thanks for doing this one Bereth.  Yeah see i cant say much about Eomer.  he was jsut the coolest.  he was wise and brave, loyal, skilled, honorable.  See when he leaves Mesduseld to fight the Uruks in the plains that shows how much love he has for his people.  his distrust of Wormtounge shows his pure heart, and man oh man being a 26 year old fighitng in the eastmark? thats gotta be tough.... yeah so he is the burliest, coolest, best guy in the book.

Katie Ellison's view:

I've discovered that Éomer is one of LotR's most sorely overlooked characters, and I seriously wonder why.  He lost his parents at a young age, then watched his foster father fall under Gríma Wormtongue's influence. There was nothing that he, Éowyn, or Théodred could do about it, but he never gave in and his patience paid off whenGandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli arrived in Meduseld and King Théoden returned to his old self.  This shows that Eomer is a strong, brave, and compassionate person.  He clearly loves Éowyn, Théodred, and Théoden very much, and by the time the War of the Ring is over, Imrahil, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and many others have acquired a friend for life. 

I see Éomer as someone who is slow to take people into his confidence (quite simply because he always had to watch his back from a young age); however, once you've got him in your corner it's best to get used to it - because you'll have him there for good.  What I find most touching about him is that in the chronicles of Rohan he is known as Éomer the Happy (or Éomer Éadig) - despite the obstacles he faced, he overcame them all and lived the life of a happy man.  It's too bad Tolkien never elaborated on how Éomer and Lothíriel got together, because I believe he was just waiting for that special lady to come along.  Then their son Elfwine carried on with his father's good work, and became known as Elfwine the Fair.

What's not to love about Éomer?

Eomer: Will & Destiny

Views from other people will follow soon