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Eomer Art

In this Gallery I will put up examples of artwork about Eomer such as wallpapers, pencil drawings and others.

Wallpaper by my friend Varie
Eomer & Edoras

By Unknown

By John/Jane Doe

Faramir and Eomer

Anne Katrin Eiszmann
Eomer by Anne Katrin Eiszmann

By Morgan
Eomer of the movie by???

Eomer Wallpaper by TheBanband
Eomer Wallpaper


Eomer meets the three Hunters

Eomer by Daniel Govar

By Morgan
Eomer drawing by ???

If you have any art of your own you want to see up here, send me an email. If you happen to know who drew some of the drawings up here, let me know as well.
If you see fanart on this page, made by you, and you don't want it on this page, then let me know.