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Chapter 1


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The Return of a Prince

It was in the middle of the afternoon. The sun stood high in the sky above Edoras, the capital of Rohan, land of the Horsemasters. Life was flourishing and everyone was busy in the city. Caravans were entering Edoras, Riders were moving in and out of the gates. Meduseld sparkled brightly in the sunlight, honouring its name: The Golden Hall.

Suddenly the sound of a blowing horn could be heard and the thundering of hooves that were approaching. The activities in the city stopped, for everyone knew what those noises meant. Elfwine, the only child of their King Éomer and his wife Lothíriel was coming home! Everyone turned around and started to cheer.

Not very long after a small group of Riders arrived in Edoras. In the front rode their leader. It was a striking young man who seemed to be very tall, even when he was compared to the other Rohirrim and even now he was riding a horse. Long dark wavy hair flowed in the wind underneath his helmet. He wore the attire of a Rider, a soldier from the Mark. He was dressed in mail, a helmet, and had a sword at his side, along with a bow and quiver on his back. That young man was Elfwine, Prince of the Riddermark.

The son of the King slowed his horse down and ordered  his éored to do the same. Slowly the small group rode through Edoras, on their way to Meduseld. The Rohirrim cheered as the Riders rode by on their horses. They dismounted as they reached the stables.

Elfwine insisted on taking care of his horse himself. He knew that now he had returned he had to report back to his father, but that could wait. Wingfoot needed to be tended first. Not that he did not trust the stable boys, but Wingfoot would only allow his Rider to handle him.

As he tended the spirited horse, a group of Rohirric youth came to the stables. "

Prince Elfwine!"

When the young prince heard his name, he came out of Wingfoot's stable and the girls rushed over to him once they saw him. A smile appeared on his fair face, fairer than any had ever seen among the Rohirrim.

"Did someone call my name?"

" Yes."

The girls blushed as they saw him and bowed slightly. "We were wondering if you would come to the Green Plains Inn tonight, my lord. Widfara will be playing."

 Elfwine frowned and scratched his chin. "I am not sure. I don't know at what time I will be finished with my duties. But I will see what I can do."

The girls cheered as they heard this and dozed off again. "We'll be waiting, my lord!"

Elfwine shook his head, while carrying saddle and bridle to the saddle chamber. After giving Wingfoot a well deserved meal, the prince of the Riddermark made his way to the Golden Hall.

It was quite a climb to the top of the hill, but not really a problem for the young man. He was greeted by Beornhelm, the guard of Meduseld's doors. "Good day, my lord. It is good to see you back in Edoras again."

 Elfwine nodded and laughed. He gave the older man a friendly punch on the shoulder.

"It's good to see you too, Beornhelm."

"I will report to Éomer king that you have returned." And then the guard disappeared into the hall.


Disclaimer: I don not own any of the characters made by Tolkien. I am just borrowing them and am not making any money with them. I do own the other characters and the plot.