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Me myself and I


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Me myself and I
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Hey there!!

There's been some confusion with people about who the webmistress is. Well, that is obvious. It's me, myself, and I, moi. And who is that?
Many people will know me with either the names Elfwine, Elfy, Winey or Bealdwigend, because those are the names I use on the LOTR Fanatics Plaza, where I am a High Counsellor of Rohan.
Other people will probably know of the names Wulfget and Wulfie. And others may know me as Lhunuial, Lhunu Eorlinga, Lhunu Alatariel and just Lhunu and Vardalon. Again others will know me as Gonda, Gonzo, Gonzilla, Aliena, Alie, Arvan and Ravenna. But for now I stick with the name Elfwine.

Age: 21
Occupation:  Eh.... Used to be student, am now working for year until I found a new cool education. Am working at Mexx and Vodafone. Will resume studying next year.
Future Aspirations: I don't know yet. Get my life back inline, find myself again and a new education
Goal in life: Get a good job and a nice family, get happy.
Short term goals: Finding a new education, make lots of money, get over the loss of my deceased dad and find myself again.
Passion: Writing stories, articles, reading, LOTR, AD&D, internet, manga.
Hobbies: Volleyball, dancing, AD&D, internet, listening to music, LOTR, reading, manga, writing.

Fave book: Lord of the Rings, Last of the Mohicans, The Silmarillion
Fave movie: Lord of the Rings, The Dark Crystal, Willow, The Mummy, Last of the Mohicans, Ghost in the Shell and a lot more
Fave series: Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, Tekkaman Blade
Fave sport: Volleyball, archery and figure skating
Fave store: The Atomik comic store
Fave music: Good music, as long as it is not heavy metal, metal, techno, club, house and stuff like that. At the moment I'm listening a lot to Avril Lavigne, Lifehouse, Alicia Keys, Default, Nickelback, Robyn.
Keep Britney Spears away from me!!

What you can't stand:
Big egos, dirty toilets and probably more things.
What you plain dislike: Cleaning my room, bad food, getting called out of bed by my boss when I have a day off.
Who you admire: My dad!!
What you most love to do: Writing stories, reading LOTR, The Plaza, Parma Eruseen, working on my websites
Your self-confessed flaws: am a big pain in the ass for some people, am a perfectionist, too damn stubborn, too selfwilled, impulsive, chaotic
What intrigues/fascinates you: Anything LOTR, AD&D, manga, theology
What scares you: Dying and big heights
Quotation to live by: sh*t happens, live each day cuz it might be over tomorrow and  "its not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change" - Charles Darwin

Like what you've read here? Hate what you've read here? Share my passion and want to contribute? Please get in touch!

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Elfy putting her archery skills into practise

Elfy trying to figure out how a crossbow works

Here's some of my rantings on the LOTR Fanatics Plaza
My own personal titles:
High Peptalk Counsellor of Rohan
Archermaiden of Rohan
The shieldmaiden who carries no shield
Meduseld's official Winey
Aethelwigend of the Meduseld Eored
Maegisterscop of Rohan's Bard's Guild
First Lady of the NDS
Founder of the ALC and Eomer's Eored
Herald of Eomer
Queen of Confuzzlement
My nicknames: Elfy, Winey or Wijntje, Evil Winey of Doom and Bealdwigend
My Plaza Name switches: Elfwine the Fair, Elfwine, Gwenwhyvar, ElfwinEo and Grey_Pilgrim
Things I've invented: Rider's Ale, Orc-head soccer, Orc-head polo and Worm-kicking
One of my terms: "Hunkiest horsehunk" for Eomer

And here's some more on my Plaza RPG character Elfwine