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Tale of Eomer


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Eomer's Eored

Éomer was a Marshal of the Mark

Who defied his uncle Théoden King

He rode forth from his Eastfold base

To oppose a trespassing band of Uruks


The éored fought long and hard

Determined to punish creatures foul

A victory was soon achieved

At cost of loss of horse and man


With heavy heart Éomer set out to Edoras

Knowing he would have to face Kings wrath

But then out of the green of the field

Sprung three strange wanderers of far


Éomer dismounted and drew his sword

Tall and mighty he came across

He questioned Man, Elf and Dwarf

For no travellers were in Rohan allowed


Tales were told and decisions made

Horses were given to intruders bold

Deed most likely to be punished hard

Paths were separated to soon be joined


At Edoras Éomer arrived heavy hearted

Was brought before uncle the King

There he defended himself before forked tongue

And by order of Worm thrown in the dungeon


There now sat the nephew of the King

Alone and removed from staton and arms

Éomer sighed as darkness took Rohan

Hoping for the coming of Sword that was Broken


Morning came as the man was released

Kneeling and offering sword up high

To reborn and old Théoden King

Now he knew that hope had arrived


Horns were sounded

Preparations were made

The Rohirrim would ride to Helms Deep

To battle, edath and freedom


Güthwine and Anduril sparkled together

Cleaving the darkness with light of good

A bond was formed and alliance renewed

As Éomer and Aragorn battled side by side


Victory was achieved after long night of fight

With coming of Westfold and White Rider

New course was set to Isengard Ring

Where was to be spoken with Saruman fallen


The Rohirrim rode to Dunharrow Vale

Where Red Arrow was brought in need

To Gondor Rohirrim would ride at last

With a muster as loud as roaring thunder


Journey led Éomer through Halfirienwood

With promise to slay many Orc necks

Woses led the Rohirrim through woods

And saw smoke rising from Pelennor


Éomer charged fearless and proud

Bringing death to forces of the dark

When he heard a terrible cry

Then he found uncle and sister slain


Despair and anger came now over Éomer King

His horn was sounded loudly over Pelennor

His wrath struck foe with greatest fear

The Hord of Éomer filling them with terror


Not to soon came help from the Harbours

For the tidings had turned for the King

Upon foe came Flame of the West

Avenging loss and sorrow of day black


Victory was assured with coming of Isildurs Heir

The battle was won but not yet the war

The Elessar would ride to Black Gate

At his side was Éomer King the great


The forces of darkness were challenged openly

United army of the west fought brave

But no military victory could be achieved

For the force of Mordor proved too great


Yet their true goal was still achieved

When towers fell and Sauron destroyed

The task of Ringbearer had been completed

And the War of the Ring had come to an end


A new Era began with crowning of Elessar

Oath of Eorl renewed by Gondor and Horsemasters land

Bonded in friendship for a long time to come

As long as the royal families would last


But evil was not completely banished

Elessar often rode to war in the east

At his side flowed the green banner

At his side fought Éomer the King


And the thunder of hooves continued

Non profit poem, no copyright infringement intended. Eomer and all other Middle Earth things belong to Tolkien Real Estate. Poem by Elfwine.