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And here some ponderings about Elfy, Winey or Wijntje, the LOTR Plaza RPG charater.

You may have noticed I have chosen the name of Eomer's son to use for myself. Though I changed only one time to Gwenhwyvar, I couldn't stay away from the name for long. It became a part of me and everyone didn't like it I changed my name. Plus it was easier to pronounce.
Elfwine's History
Nearly 21 years ago Elfwine was born in a small community in Arnor, the Northern Kingdom. At that time she was known under another name, but this is not of great importance. 
During her childhood, Elfwines village suffered from heavy Orc attacks, in which she lost both of her parents. It was then that she decided to master the arts of ranged and melee weaponry. She had always been a little bit of an explorer and was always curious about everything in the world. After the death of her parents Elfwine felt not bound to her home anymore. She packed her things and left her home on her first horse. 
For several years Elfwine dwelled in the wilderness of the Northern Kingdom, crossed the Misty Mountains and sailed past the Anduin to the south. It was on one of these journeys that Elfwine first came across the plains of Calenardhon and met the people who inhabited the green fields and valleys. It was a place to her liking and the ways of the people appealed to her. But because she didnt want to be at one place for a large amount of time, Elfwine soon left again to journey through Middle Earth. 
However, the young woman could not stay away from Rohan for long and she returned sooner than she had planned. This time she settled down in Edoras and pledged her loyalty to King Eomer. 
Soon after she joined the Rohirrim Cavalry and worked hard to serve her liege lord and liege lady. During this time Elfwine was given her Rohirric name and was also named Bealdwigend by the Rohirrim. They gave her her horses Santana and Artura. Because of her constant devotion to Rohan, Elfwine soon became a fully fledged Rohirrim with a great love for her new found home.
After a long hard time, Elfwine soon advanced to the rank of Aethelwigend (captain) of the Meduseld Eored, serving directly under Bereth, the Second Marshal of the Mark. She was the inventor of Rider's Ale and was sent out along with her comrades Bereth, Eledhwyn, Feolcwine and Dernhelm to investigate a case of rebellion in the Westmark. Soon they discovered a Dunlending named Forsthelm was responsible for it. A long and hard battle begun against the Dunlendings and it has not finished as we speak.
She advanced to become on the High Counsellors of Rohan and strived to make Rohan a good place to be for everyone. 

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