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My Plaza rpg character

The History of Elfwine (final revision, I hope)


I was born 21 years ago in the regions of Romenmark in the Wold as a daughter to Dernwyn of the House of Dernwine and a Dunadan lord who descended from the House of Hador.  I remained there until I was 4 years old. At that time I had already learned how to ride horses and received my first pony. My father, however, wanted to return to Arnor as he was very concerned about his home.  He took my mother and me with him and we lived in the regions of Dead Mans Dike for a long time. It was there that I learned my scouting skills and learned how to use bow and arrows, a weapon which I truly started to love above all other weapons.


My life there was far from peaceful. Occasionally we were attacked by Orcs and fiends of other kind. I was forced to take up arms to protect myself and my family, fighting alongside my father. During a very fierce attack when I was 18 years old my parents forced me to flee from our campment. As I looked over my shoulder while I was riding on my beloved steed Santana and dragging Artura along by the reins, I saw my parents get slaughtered by Orcs. Ever since then I developed a burning hatred for everything related to Orcs. If one catches my sight, then they will certainly not live to see another day.


I remembered my mother came from the House of Dernwine in Rohan and I decided to go back there, the place of my birth. After a long ride pass the Gap of Rohan, through the Westfold onto the Wold I reached Romenmark and searched for the residence of my mothers family. There I discovered that my uncle Dernwine had lost his sons to an Orc raid as well and he took me into his house, giving me my Rohirric name of Elfwine and naming me his heir.


Seeing as that I had already lived a life of a warrior I was trained even more by the Knights of my House and when I was ready I sought to go to Edoras and join the eohere of Rohan. After a short training I became a fully fledged cavalry member and pledged my loyalty to Eomer king and have continued to serve ever since. Due to my boldness and bravery in battle I was soon nicknamed Bealdwigend and given two more horses named Nightwind and Morningwind. I became a captain among the ranks of the cavalry, serving under my good friend Bereth.


But as I not only delight in fighting for my home I have also taken upon me the job of leading the Bards Guild to sing songs of glory and sorrow, of victory, of loss and much more. Ever do I welcome those who are new to our green plains as I once was myself and write down the many adventures and history of Rohan.

My other stats:
Rank: High Counsellor of Rohan
Cavalry Rank: Aethelwigend of the Mark ~ Meduseld Eored
Bard's Guild rank: Maegisterscop
Clan: Eowain
House: The House of Dernwine

Fyrbrand and Frostbrand: a pair of one hand and a half swords
Treowine and Arwegast: My famous bows


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