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King of the Mark


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Disclaimer: I don't own Eomer, though I wish I did. He was made up by the great mind of J. R. R. Tolkien and I'm not making any money with this poem.


Praised be Eomer King of the Mark

For proud is his way and true is his heart

Behold the King as he rides on Firefoot

Battling evil to defend that which is good

His horn blows loud as he rides to war

Fighting alongside Elessar of Gondor


The Servant of Sauron shiver of fear

For they all know it when Eomer is near

None will face him and live to tell

Yet at home in Rohan everything is well

Peace has returned to Rohirrimland

Eomer rules with strong and just hand

The Happy is his given name

A name to match his greatest fame


May many songs be sung of Eomer, King of the Mark


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